Good morning year six, I hope you are all well.

Our scheduled history lesson for today was to share everything that you have learnt for this half term about Space.

The topics we have covered are:

  • The Space Race
  • The Space Shuttle
  • Hidden Figures
  • Apollo 11 Moon landings

You can complete your work in any way that you like. However, if you are struggling for ideas, here are a few suggestions:

  • Mind-map
  • Information poster
  • A summary
  • An information video

Feel free to share your ideas through the comments section. Be creative and have fun!

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Home Study Timetable- UPDATED!

Dear parents,

Over the weekend, we have amended the timetable. Instead of activities being posted throughout the day at a specific time, the timetable shows what activities will be available that day. All activities will be uploaded by 8:00 every morning so parents can have the flexibility of choosing when to do the activities. Remember, all subjects are categorised on the right-hand side of the home page for easy navigation. Again, please do not worry if you miss an activity, do as much as you can. As we begin to adapt to home learning, we hope moving forward, that we can refine our teaching and learning strategies further. We welcome any feedback to support learning at home. Thank you for all that you are doing.

Best wishes,                                                                                                                                        The Year 6 Team

Home Study Timetable – Updated Download here or view below

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Home Learning (side bar links)

Hello everyone

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves during this very strange time.

I also hope that you’ve having a go at the home learning activities that we are uploading. However, we understand that the amount of posts can make finding particular things a little confusing.

To try and keep things neat and tidy, we have set up a list of categories on the right hand side bar. If you click on e.g. DT, you will be able to see ONLY the DT posts. Hope this helps.

Stay safe, work hard and have fun.

Mr McCormack

Reading for Fun!

Today, choose any fiction book you like and choose one of the 12 activities attached. A couple of the links require Adobe Flash Player which you will have to download onto your computer. Although, you can still complete the activity in your notebook without using the web links. We will use these activities in upcoming ‘Reading for Fun!’ posts!

Enjoy! And tell us which activity you chose!

Reading for Fun Activities <— Download here!

Spellings to learn (Test on 22nd April)

hayes banner spelling


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After half term, we will be looking at ‘Plurals’. For the test, please could you learn how to spell the plural words (highlighted in yellow). The test will involve me reading the singular word to you, then you will have to be able to spell the plural version of that word (without me saying the plural word); e.g. I will say, “Spelling 1. business” – You will have to know that the plural of business is ‘businesses’ and then write ‘businesses‘ in your book/on paper.

Does that sound tricky enough?! Good luck!!

English: lesson 14 – Friday 3rd April

LI: To entertain my reader

Now you have written your story and edited it, your last task is to publish your narrative.  You can do this on lined paper, type it up or make a book with pictures too!  Be creative.

If you choose to type it, you could also copy and paste and send it to your teacher as a comment on the blog.

Let us know what you do and who has read it.  What did they think?  Did they enjoy it?