Remote Learning 2021

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Dear Parents/Carers and Children,

As you know, the government decided to close schools until the middle of February 2021; therefore, teaching and learning will be taking place online. To ensure this happens smoothly and effectively, we have decided to use Zoom and Seesaw for daily lessons and activities. Consequentially, ‘WordPress’ will not show any activities for the children for the time being, but only messages and announcements, so it will be wise to check the blog regularly.

An email was sent to parents/carers to provide you with information on how to access Seesaw and Zoom. People with no emails on the system were reached via text.

All children must attend online learning as they were in class. This is crucial to ensure all pupils carry one with their learning and developing their skills.
A timetable has been created to allow pupils and adults to understand how a typical remote learning working day will be.

If you click the icon ‘Download’ below, you will be able to see the Year 6 Timetable.

The whole situation might be challenging and stressful at times, but we know that you will be amazing because you will be working hard, proactive and patient. We are here to support you and make you the stars of Heavers Farm!

Good luck to all of us!

The Year 6 team

Cycling – Please read


We are offering free cycle training over the holidays and would be grateful if you could pass on the information to your parents/guardians.  We provide cycle training for schools on behalf of Croydon local authority. 

The course is an introduction to cycling on quiet roads. The course syllabus is sequential; therefore, participants must attend the first lesson, in order to continue onto the following lesson.


09:30 – 14:00 on either 7th & 8th April or 14th & 15th April

The course lasts for 2 consecutive days and the trainee must attend all days to achieve a Bikeability certificate and badge. 

Children in School Year 5 and above can attend that are comfortable riding a bike with one hand.

Location :Croydon Arean, Albert Road, Croydon, SE25 4QL

The booking form can be found here:

Textile Artists in the Making!

Marianne Crosslé: Becoming a textile artist at 70 -
Marianne Crossle’
Artist Designs Colorful Quilted Portraits In Honor Of Forgotten African  Americans
Bisa Butler

The children looked and explored the textile art. To understand the beauty and the skills beyond this wonderful artistic expression, we looked first at the history of textile, how it developed throughout the centuries, the techniques used and, obviously, at the artistic aspect of it.

We also looked at some modern and contemporary artists to get some inspiration for our textile art. Today, the children planned their art, starting with the woman who is a role model for them.

Take a look at their designs and let us know what you think!

Amethyst: The Emerging Music Group!

The children have been working on the difference between rhythm and steady beats. By combining the two together, it is possible to create different sound patterns. This is how people create the first music millions of years ago, before musical instruments were invented.

Please, take a look at those artists and leave us a comment!

The Heart and the Circulatory System

Circulation cartoon where the heart and lungs share the gift of oxygen -  Album on Imgur

The children learnt about the heart and the circulatory system. Today, the children added an additional tile to how the animals’ body work. Two weeks ago, they learnt about how the nutrients enter the body and how they are processed before they get into the bloodstream. This morning, they fully understood the role played by the blood, the circulatory system and the heart. The children realised that the heart works as a muscle and it plays a central role in the life and death of creatures. They discovered how the blood goes around the body and how the heart works. The children enjoyed the lesson a lot and they worked very hard.

Amethyst Explored Feelings and Emotions!

The 6 Types of Basic Emotions

The emotions displayed in the above picture are only some of those we explored today in class. The children increased their awareness of different types of emotions. The discussion we had in class allowed the children to analyse their emotions further and realise that, in many occasions, individuals can feel more than one emotion at the same time.

We also discussed strategies to cope and overcome negative feelings to make ourselves happier and emotionally healthier.