RE Day

Today, we will be making our own R.E booklet.

We will start off by designing the front of our booklet. Can you include as many religious symbols as you can remember?

On the first page of our booklet, we will use a word search to note down key words that would help us throughout the day.

You can click the link to play the word search:


Find the words below.

Can you write a short definition for 3 of the words you have found? Which religions do your words relate to?

On the next page of the booklet, we will test our knowledge of different Gods/beliefs.

Who/what do the following religions believe in?







True or false?

Create a table on the next page. Label one side true and the other side false. Put the statements into the correct column.

Christians believe there is more than one God.

Over 70% of the Indian population identifies as Hindu.

Yom Kippur takes place two months before Rosh Hashanah.

The founder of the Sikh religion is Guru Nanak.

A Gurdwara is the name given to a place of worship in Hinduism.

Islam is the world’s second-largest religion.

Hanukkah lasts for ten days and nights.

We will look at local and international places of worship.

Can you draw and/or label the places of worship shown below. Write a sentence about each.

How did you know what it was?

Mosques close across Leicester following Government measures to protect the  public in face of coronavirus - Leicestershire Live
Gurdwara - Wikipedia
Buddhist Temple, Now a Communist Shrine, Plants China's Flag in Taiwan -  The New York Times
Liff Church, Church Road, Liff | The Church of Scotland
Jewish Museum and Synagogue - Turbopass
Place of worship - Wikipedia
Kaaba - Wikipedia

Celebrations and festivals

What festivals have you heard of before?

Who celebrates them?

Why are they celebrated?

When are they celebrated?

Are there any similarities between festivals/events that are celebrated in different religions? (e.g. fasting)

Create a poster page of your booklet, providing information about a celebration or festival. 

We will move on to a storyboard activity:

Split your page into 6 sections to create a storyboard.

Retell one of the following stories:

Adam and Eve

Rama and Sita

Siddhartha and the 4 sights

The prophet Muhammad

Moses and the burning bush

Which page of your booklet is your favourite? Why?

If you had to create your own lesson plan for R.E, what kind of activities and information would be included?

Remember you can send examples of your work to

At-home Learning: English

Today, we did a range of funny, engaging activities to assess children’s knowledge around the Year 5 English curriculum. We had a blast! Enjoy at home.

Activity 1: Read the attached comic strip and answer the following questions. Use your retriever and inference skills.

  1. Why does Dennis’s mum look so unhappy at the beginning of the story?
  2. What does Dennis’s dad mean when he says: “Worth it!”?
  3. Gnasher thinks: “I don’t know where you get it from.” Who is Dennis like and in what way?
  4. List three ways in which Dennis’s plan with  the bathtub doesn’t work out.
  5. How is Dad feeling when he steps out of the bathroom on the landing?
  6. Give three reasons Dad is furious at the end of the story.
  7. Find and copy a word on the second page of the story that mans the same as “normal”, “actual” or usual”.

Activity 2:  Choose one of three writing challenges using the Beano Comic Strip from activity 1.

  1. Create a list of the tricks Dennis could now get up to with a bath full of custard.
  2. Write a diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters. Include what happens next.
  3. Re-read the last three panels of the story. Create three thought bubbles for these panels, Write down Dennis’s thoughts in each of them.

Activity 3: Different sentence types. Write a short story about COVID. But there are conditions that have to be met for each sentence.

1) start with a 3-word sentence (e.g. What a day!)

2) next, have a long, descriptive sentence including an adjective

3) next, write a sentence beginning with an -ly word (adverb)

4) next sentence, start with ‘because’, ‘if’, or ‘although’

5) next, right a rhetorical question

i.e., What a day!  It all started when I sneezed – an unexpected, kind of loud sneeze that made my dog physically jump and my nose turn red.  Calmly, I went to the bathroom to get a tissue.  Because I was now a bit worried, I felt my forehead.  Was that a temperature I had?

Activity 4:

Pick one of the images and write a creative short story.

Supporting Home Learning

Dear parents and carers- we are aware that some children are unwell or self-isolating and therefore, unable to come to school. The Year 6 team will provide home learning to support their ongoing education.

Home Learning Packs | Rowlands Gill Primary School

Every day, Year 6 will upload the activities carried out in class that day. Children will be able to asses their learning and enjoy the same activities as their peers. We encourage children to also comment on the blog!

Please send your child’s work to us at the following Year 6 email address:

Thank you for your support during this time, and we are excited to see your child’s work!

The Year 6 Teachers

Tourmaline RE Day

Tourmaline Class spent an extremely enjoyable day sharing their RE knowledge. Over the course of the morning, the children created their own knowledge booklet on RE. The children started their day by creating their own symbol and then showing their prior knowledge of other religious symbols. They then had to find religious vocabulary from a word search and deciding whether statements were true or false. Later, the children had to share their knowledge on different places of worship and festivals. Finally, the children recreated a religious story of their choice. It was a fun filled morning!

RE day

In Obsidian today we have been discussing different apects of religions that we recall from prior teaching. Throughout the day, the children will be putting their knowledge of places of worship, festivals, stories and celebrations down into booklets.