End of Term Event for Amethyst!

This afternoon, we presented the children’s work to parents and carers, but differently from last time, we did it via Zoom. It was incredibly nice to see the parents and to see them excited about their children’s achievements.

The children proudly presented their work and explained the different pieces of work.

We were very proud of them!

Take a look at the different sections of our Dino Museum at Heavers Farm and leave exciting comments for out young learners!

Tourmaline Work – Dino Discovery

Have a look at all of the wonderful work that Tourmaline Class have completed this half term.

They have worked extremely hard and deserve a huge amount of credit!

A huge thanks must be said to Ms Kelly and Ms Brown for completing all of the displays!

Amethyst searched what are the closest animals to dinosaur!

The children looked at the evolution of some of the dinosaurs and they discovered that they evolved into birds. They found out scientist used modern technology to study the bone structures of some of the dinosaurs and how they changed to allow birds to fly.

They also investigated what animals are actually very close to the ancient dinosaur by looking for scientific evidence rather than relying on assumptions.

Amethyst Sculptures

The children have been developing their sculptures skills to create some fine pieces that were added to the Year 6 Dino Discovery Museums. The work the children produced was amazing and they displayed it with care and pride.