Good morning year six, I hope you are all well.

Our scheduled history lesson for today was to share everything that you have learnt for this half term about Space.

The topics we have covered are:

  • The Space Race
  • The Space Shuttle
  • Hidden Figures
  • Apollo 11 Moon landings

You can complete your work in any way that you like. However, if you are struggling for ideas, here are a few suggestions:

  • Mind-map
  • Information poster
  • A summary
  • An information video

Feel free to share your ideas through the comments section. Be creative and have fun!

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15 thoughts on “History

  1. Hello Mr. Silvestry
    I have research on design and technology and have written a paragraph.
    The Appalo Lunar covering vehicle was a battery powered buggy and now it is an electronic powered by a solar powered system. It is an amazing solar system because it has been to space since 17 to 20 years ago. The apalo lunar rovering vehicle is a re usable vehicle because after it’s first landing on the moon and when it came back to earth it was fine and re usable. It can hold 10000 pounds of weight so it is more helpful to go again and make more experiments.
    If there are technical fault with a moon buggy there will be a section for the ejection ball that will bring to earth safely. For example if there are critical problems with a moon buggy there will be an eject station over there, that will launch to earth for safely land at the space station.


  2. katheine jhonson won many awards in the past and has made many inventions to help NASA. She did many great things for the company and managed to prove all the people who doubted her wrong


  3. Hello Mr Cambridge I am doing well and I hope you are as well this homework is very helpful and is helping me learn new things every day. Thank you


  4. In one of the space test it went wrong because a fire burst out and killed the Astronauts that were in the test so the manned test flight were suspended for months


  5. I really enjoyed learning about space bec before I did not like space that much but know I have learnt more about it I find it veary intresting to learn different facts about it


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