Year 6 Trip!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to the current situation, the Year 6 trip will not be taking place, therefore please read the following message:

The refunds for the Residential trip will processed and returned to your Parent account on ParentPay starting from Monday 22nd June and a text message will be sent to confirm.

If payment was made via PayPoint, then payment will be made by Cheque/Bank transfer and parents will be contacted.

If you might encounter any problem, please contact the school for any support!




Good Morning Aquamarine!

Sunshine, Dopamine, and Sprinting | SimpliFaster

Good morning Aquamarine!

I hope you had a fantastic week and you have been busy studying, exercising, and relaxing obviously!

I have been busy with the children at school, but also with more work in the garden. Yesterday, I had to trim a huge tree at the back of my summer house. I felt like Tarzan climbing the tree and a monkey when I was about to fall.

Tarzan (1999) – Rakuten TV

Don’t you think we look alike?

This week will be very hot, please make sure you drink a lot and use sun protection cream before you go to the garden!




Week 2 Aquamarine!

Dear boys and girls,

As you know, last week, we returned to school and it was nice to see the children. They all missed you, but they understand why you are not returning to school.

We spent the entire week learning the new routine, behaviour rules, how to keep a safe distance from each other and much more. It was challenging at the beginning, but they did very well.

What did you last week? How did you spend your time? Have you done anything interesting? One of the children told me that he had KFC after so long and it tasted funny, not as good as he remembered.

I have been working in the garden, but I mostly studied.

Beechwood Gardens, Caterham, CR3 , 1 bed, Retirement Property, CR3 ...



Keeping Safe!!!

“Keeping Safe!!!” is one of the most important things that we have to do to ensure a healthy, happy and long-term life.

Nowadays, it is even more crucial to keep ourselves safe; in fact, yesterday the children have created a poster to support people on how to keep safe in school. This was the result of an extensive class discussion.

A Greeting from Aquamarine!

Dear Aquamarine,

Yesterday, we had our first day back to school. It was strange not having the full class as well as to adjust to the new routine. Children were enthusiastic to be back, but they missed their friends. They thought that it was nice to be in class again, although they found it weird to be far apart due to the social distancing.

Children thought that the new classroom and school arrangements to keep everyone safe are really good indeed, but not natural.

The children wanted to greet you anyway by sending you the following photos, hoping to see some more of you very soon.