Maths challenge 220520

Morning all

Friday maths challenge is all about number sandwiches. Delicious eh?

You will need a pen/pencil, some small pieces of paper and a flat area to work on. Take a look at the video to see the explanation of the task and the challenge.

Feel free to post up you number sandwiches in the comments. I’d also be really interested in any thoughts you have about whether there are any patterns you can spot.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy a great half term holiday.

Maths 200520


We’re dividing decimals today. Main tip to use is to visualise the decimal number as a number of 1/10. So 2.4 become 24 tenths. Much easier to divide that by four right?

As usual, a short explainer fro me with a couple of tips and then you should go here for the instructions and activities.

Maths 190520

This session might be quite straightforward for some of you. It contains a few different methods for doing the same calculations. Give them a go as it’s quite useful to see things from a different perspective sometimes (in maths as in life…)

The videos and two short activities are here.