Information for Parents

English Resources for Support at Home:

In order to support you child at home with English, it’s always valuable to engage with the BBC Bitesize website as it covers all the topics and has plenty of resources available to support further learning at home. Follow the link below to access the English curriculum:

Maths Resources for Support at Home:

These resources follow some of the strategies we teach in Year 6 concerning the core mathematical skills pupils will be engaging with. Some videos on place value refer to ‘units’, some to ‘ones’, but we in school use ‘ones’ in accordance with the national curriculum, so use them when practising at home. The following videos are helpful for understanding how the teaching of maths has changed and how best to support your child at home. Use the videos to build understanding before making up some problems of your own to try!

The resources have been organised into the subjects covered by the Year 6 Curriculum.


Mental Addition:


Roman Numerals:


Column addition:

Column Subtraction:


Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

Short Column Multiplication:

Long Column Multiplication:

Short Division:


Prime and Composite Numbers:

Square and cube numbers:


As fractions can cause some confusion when exploring them in-depth for the first time, the BBC Bitesize website, again, is useful to engage with. Explore the different ways we interact with fractions and always try some practise problems.


Curriculum Overview – Autumn Term

This term, up until Christmas, we will be looking at the following topics.  If you wish to research any of these beforehand, please feel free to do some independent research.

Diary entry based on our class reading book, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’
Descriptive writing which will be linked to Kensuke’s island
Poetry – free verse
Explanation text (linked to ICT) explaining why e-safety is important and how to keep safe.

As well as reading Kensuke’s Kingdom as our class text every day and using this to improve our vocabulary and comprehension skills, during Guided Reading sessions, we will be ensuring we know how to find root words and word classes, expanding our vocabulary further, using a range of skills to help answer SATs-style questions, using evidence from the text to back up our answers and summarising texts using the main points.

Number – there will be a big focus on place value, the 4 number operations, fractions, decimals and percentages in order to ensure all these skills are in place. We will also be using these skills, along with reasoning skills, to solve problems and investigations.

Geography – we will be looking at locational information: naming and locating counties, geographical regions and understanding how some aspects change over time. 

History – the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons’ struggle for the United Kingdom

Science – Electricity and Light

Computing – e-Safety

PSHE – health and well-being

Art – Surrealism



Secondary School Applications

Please note that the deadline for secondary school applications this year is 31st October. Follow this link for more information:-

You should also be receiving a pack this week with information about applications which will be sent home with your child.  If you do not receive one, please ask for another copy.


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