Meet the Year 6 Team

Hello Parents and Children,

Welcome to our blog. We thought it would be helpful if we all told you a little bit about ourselves.

Mr McCormack

DM photo.jpgI have spent my whole teaching career at Heavers Farm and, after some time out of the classroom, am excited to be teaching another year 6 again.

Outside of work I am a father of three children and, when time allows, enjoy cycling, running, reading, baking and playing music.

I strive to be open and approachable and am happy to talk with parents or carers about anything that will assist the education of the children in Tourmaline class.

Mr Cambridge


Hi, I’m Mr Cambridge and this is is my eighth year teaching at Heavers Farm where I have been lucky enough to spend my whole teaching career! I have taught previously in years two, three, four, and five. This is my first year teaching in year six.

In my spare time I enjoy watching football, my favourite team is Crystal Palace and I have a season ticket where I watch Crystal Palace win, lose or draw every home game. I play football for Addiscombe Corinthians FC on Sundays in the Croydon Municipal Sunday Football League. Last season we won the Intermediate Cup! My other hobbies are running regularly and reading, with a particular interest in military history.

Most importantly of all, I am very excited to be part of a fabulous team. Please feel free to approach me where I will be happy to talk with you about anything that will assist your child’s education.

Ms Kelly

img-20160914-wa0000Hi, I’m Miss Kelly.  I have taught children at Heavers Farm for many years and I enjoy it very much. In my spare time, if I get any,  I like listening to music, socialising with my friends and watching films at the cinema.I am very much looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable year ahead with Tourmaline class..  From my experience in Year 6, I know it will be a hectic year but provided we work hard it should be an extremely rewarding time for us all.

Mr Campbell

Hi I’m Mr Campbell. I’ve just reached 3 years at Heavers Farm and I enjoy helping the students learn and seeing their individual personalities. I keep fit through boxing and football and if I love Anime/Manga. Year 6 is great but it will be sad to see them leave!

Mr Silvestri

Mr Silvestri is Italian and comes from the beautiful Naples. He is passionate and warm like his city and he has a big heart. He loves the sea so much that he wears something with the colour blue every day. He is passionate about nature, movies (Nicole Kidman especially), art and a good plate of pasta.

Mr Silvestri is very good at cooking and making cold cakes like the Tiramisu’. Although he is very “Italian” and at times he feels homesick, Mr Silvestri really loves living in England; he is lucky and happy to be working in London.

Mrs Williams

CaptureHi! My name is Mrs Williams and I’ve worked at Heavers farm for over 10 years. I am really looking forward to working in year 6 and have the advantage of knowing you all from year 5. I’ve worked in all year groups across the school, which has challenged me but I’ve really enjoyed it.

I love to travel and in my spare time I enjoy listening to music, dancing, reading and socialising. I am really excited to be part of the year 6 team again, working in Aquamarine Class with Mr Swinyard. I am ready for the hard work that follows and look forward to an exciting year ahead!

Miss Brown

I have been at Heavers Farm for 15 years. This year, I am in Obsidsian class and will be providing 1-to-1 support.  My favourite subject is Art, I’m very active and enjoy watching and taking part in sports.
I am really looking forward to being back in Year 6 and will be very sad to see them leave at the end of year.


Ms Pascal


Hello, Year 6!

My name is Ms Pascal, and this is my seventh-year teaching. I was born in England, but I went to school in Florida nicknamed the “Sunshine State” in America.

My passion is traveling, exercising, studying Spanish and eating. I have lived in South Korea and Spain and I have travelled to 34 countries. I have eaten a tarantula leg, a scorpion, a seahorse, alligator, frog legs, silkworm cocoons, and LIVE octopus! I am an adventurous eater who loves other cultures!

I am delighted to be your teacher this year! Let’s learn and have fun this year!

Mr Okoghenu


My name is Mr O and I am the class TA for Amethyst class. My favourite books are fictional – particularly adventure stories! I also love to cook. Music and dancing are my other favourite hobbies.

I’m looking forward to teaching Year 6, and seeing all the students progressing towards their next steps.


Ms Stockwell


Hello my name is Ms Stockwell and I have been working at Heavers Farm for over 10 years!
This is my first year working in year six and I am excited about the new challenge. I will be providing 1-1 support. In my spare time, I like to listen to music, watch movies and go to the gym. I also love spending time with my family. I am looking forward to working with Amethyst class and the Year 6 team!